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About Terra-Mer

Who are we?

The Dream

Terra is the Roman goddess of the earth and Mer refers to the ocean. The mysteries of the medicinal wonders from the earth and the sea was the inspiration behind Terra-Mer. It has been an amazing journey to discover that ingredients that were once seen as apothecary can now be backed up by science and research. Terra-Mer started from a friendship between a medical specialist and a specialized pharmacist that saw the need for sound treatments / supplements that did not contain dependence-forming chemical compounds or long term GIT/mental side effects.

The Journey

The ingredients that are used in all our products are all scrutinized for their effectivity, ability to be used on a long term basis as well as their lack or minimal levels of side effects.

Both of us had close family members or even ourselves who were affected by the conditions that we wanted to alleviate. We soon realized through the very good feedback as well as the reduction of pain medication used by our loved ones that we were on to something! Some patients also participated in clinical testing and the feedback was always “Can we get more?!”.

In practice, before we make a decision about a treatment or a procedure that is risky we often gauge the decision imagining what we would do if it was a brother, mother or child… We could not wait to share our discoveries with our families and that was a clear gauge of the quality of the treatments and our excitement about it!.. Our dreams became reality….

We can not wait wait to share it with you and value each person’s feedback!

The Process

The development of the products required a large network of colleagues and friends. Four pharmaceutical laboratories were put to work, multiple medical specialists were consulted and not even to mention the botanists who are absolute leaders in their fields as well as engineering input!. We are so thankful for all the help, the many hours and the always helpful (even late at night) willing teamwork.

The Vision

To always bring our patients and customers the best. Terra-Mer strives to be at the forefront of product development and to always keep our patients’ best interest at heart. We want to make the secrets of what the earth and the sea hold available and at the same time support it in a sustainable safe manner.

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