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Our Bodies, Our Priorities

Our diets, often high in protein, dairy and sugar, can increase acidity in the body. In fact, it is estimated that what we eat consists primarily of acidic foods (around 80%), whilst only 20% of our diet consists of alkaline foods, like whole fruits and vegetables. This should be the opposite way around. Our bodies do have sophisticated buffering systems, including the kidneys, lungs, intestines and skin, which excrete excess acid. By continuing to raise our acid levels through what we eat and drink, these systems must work much harder in order to maintain the correct pH balance.

The result is that we may feel tired and irritable, as well as suffer from headaches, heartburn, a burning bladder, gout, sore aching joints and muscles, unpleasant sour-smelling breath, and bad body odour.

In the long-run, the effects can be much worse with the body leaching alkaline minerals, like calcium, from our bones and cartilage which contribute to lifestyle diseases such as osteoporosis and arthritis.

Terra-Med Alkaline Powder

Gives you an essential dose of alkaline minerals including calcium, magnesium, zinc and potassium with added opti-MSM. Just 7.5g mixed into a glass of water and taken during the day will help the body to neutralise any excess acidity.

You’ll feel the difference too with more energy, increased mental alertness, better sleep, good digestion, better immunity and less achy joints! Take a supplement that contains alkaline minerals.

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